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Do you speak Macron?

Parlez-vous Macron ?

Macron parle riche en plusieurs langues.

During his electoral campaign, Emmanuel Macron goes to Berlin, the custom would like me to speak in French (1) he says: he chooses English to address the French people and Germans who understand, obviously, neither French neither German but, of course, all understand English. It’s normal, it’s modern, there is no French culture, it’s not very Gaullien: other people, other manners. But was he only addressing the French and the Germans? To what French, to what Germans?
Let’s be clear. During his trips to London in preparation for his campaign, he spoke mostly liberal, tinged with a request for financial support.
The place, the subjects, the interlocutors lent themselves well to the use of English.

In many official speeches or interviews, President Macron, whose classmates, among others, do not deny knowledge, wishes to show it. He uses Latin phrases or obsolete words. Listeners or readers consult the dictionary or their newspaper or simply ignore them. But these words join a certain presidential tradition where chien-lit, quarteron, machin or abracadabrantesque and even cabri preceded them. So many winks (2) They affirm the character.

Emmanuel Macron also speaks the language of the private company: already present in the public companies, it makes its entry in the government and in his political organization, stuffed with the Anglicisms of circumstance: benchmark, bottom up, bullish, disrupt, draft, processé ( !), staffer (!), political start-up, start-up nation, top down … Language but also thought and values. Politics is no longer democratic, even in its intentions, the people electing its representatives, but technocratic: the chief chooses experts (3) for his teams, the National Assembly or for his organization and even departmental referents.
Some speak of Jupiter’s presidency, others of president-CEO(,4).

Parlez-vous Macron ?

The language that does not lie, the language of the acts. The first measures make it possible to quickly understand who is the premier de cordée and the  le premier de corvée: adoption by ordinance of the labor laws, removal of the ISF, flat tax of 30% (PFU), removal of personalized assistance to housing (APL), decrease in subsidized jobs, immediate increase in CSG, later compensated.

Interested people fully understand this language.

Parlez-vous Macron ?

At the same time, Emmanuel Macron and his entourage do not hesitate to affirm that the president speaks true (cash in the technico-financial language), speaks people. But some words make cringe, including for the entourage that is then in the explanation of text or context … These words do not constitute gaps, slippages but are aimed at targeted populations: are not there many French people who think that? (5) It does not matter the form. But what he said was heard by the recipients. As in those trials in the United States where a lawyer makes an unacceptable statement, objection your honor, rejected by the judge but the jury members understood the innuendo well.

Parlez-vous Macron ?

So, he can talk cash to some people who, instead of fucking the brothel, would be better off going to look if they can not have jobs there, because there are some who have the qualifications to do it. and it’s not far from home; he claims that he does not want to give in to idlers, cynics and extremes (6), nor to pressure, whatever they may be, especially when they do not have the democratic legitimacy (7), the Medef? trade unions ?

Parlez-vous Macron ?

Emmanuel Macron does not fail to pay homage to the Premier de cordée, to the young, future first of cordée, who désire devenir milliardaire, because the economy of Net is an economy of superstars, (8), to the entrepreneur whose life is often harder than that of an employee. You must never forget it. He can lose everything, and he has fewer guarantees explained the Minister (9).

Now, the president is asking the Guyanese not to confuse him with Santa Claus, he’s already gone for some with the tax cuts! However, he clearly states: I do not like the cynicism, sometimes, of those who succeed, and who fall back into selfishness where the only purpose of life would be to accumulate money. They must also engage in society, creating employment, activity. But the tax cuts are not conditioned by any constraint, no obligation to invest in the real economy. And he does not like the jealousy of saying, those who succeed, we will tax them, massacre them, because we do not like them (10). Emmanuel Macron is generous and protective for minorities!

But whether you like it or not, the words of Emmanuel Macron and his friends ooze scorn.

Here, it is probably the unconscious that speaks: I do not want the least of the French to think that … The least of the French. No, I do not want one Frenchman to think that ... But no. The least of the French. There are French capitals, and lesser French, at the very end of the rope, as Daniel Schneidermann explains (11.

Same bad taste: A station is a place where we meet successful people and people who are nothing (12), not French people who have nothing, who do not have a luxury watch to 50 years old (13), the sans-dent as his predecessor would have said. They have nothing so they are nothing!
Christophe Castaner, spokesman for the government, does not say anything else: I believe that one can be cultivated and speak like the French (14) which they, of course, hav’nt not culture.

It is certain that Emmanuel Macron loves and esteem all of his fellow citizens. Not all the same way. Not some unemployed. We have to make sure that he is looking for, and that he is not a repeat offender. Multi-recidivist, term used, usually, for offenders. No to those who defraud the tax, place their money in tax havens … He must not like very much, these Ploucs bretons, a geo-cultural idea for Jean-Yves Le Drian, who even sees it as a compliment! Neither the one who with kwassa-kwassa, in Mayotte, fishes little but brings Comorian. Neither the employees of this slaughterhouse of Gad, which, clumsiness of a junior minister, he spoke: this slaughterhouse, there is a majority of women in this society. There are some who are, for many, illiterate (14)

The minister, the candidate, President Macron speaks different languages ​​that say the same thing but to different audiences. Some are on the safe side, there is little to tell them. The measures are sufficient. For the others. He has to convince them. Make them understand that he does not need their opinion. That the experts are at work. Modern. Effective. That they must not be in solidarity with the slackers of those who sow the brothel, of those who refuse reforms, a little music that could be called, Poujadism or populism of centrists.