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The danger of democratic manipulation

Le danger de la manipulation démocratique

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The most dangerous opponents of democracy, here and now, are not candidates for a cold and bloody dictatorship but the competent democrats to maneuver to give a democratic and even scientific appearance to their mediaatic-political dictatorship.

It has been said many times that voters do not register on the voters’ lists, abstain, voted blank or null because they did not have enough civic sense because they did not have candidates of their choice, because the real problems were not addressed …
It is less said that they feel fooled, at every election, because their choice is never respected.

During the last presidential election, the essential questions were discussed, candidates have spoken, different opinions have been expressed. What have they become?
With 11 candidates in the first round and 2 in the second.

On socio-economic issues, the candidates had very different positions, from the extreme left to François Fillon.
It is on his very right-handed position that Francois Fillon won the primary of the right and center: in particular on social security and its alliance with la manifestation pour tous. Once appointed, he was obliged to make a quick retro-pédalage on the question of social security and its links with private insurance, because what had been favorable in the right primary became dangerous for the whole Right in a general election, especially in the second round. In a way, François Fillon was the victim of his political honesty.
Sure that power could not escape him after a septennat that ended badly, he said, too clearly, what he wanted to do and even the name of his future prime minister, a boss of private insurance, was already circulating ..
His failure, his degradation is due only partly to this outrageous position, even for his camp. Added to this, his quarrels with the justice system on fictitious and family jobs and some ostentatious gifts.
This point partly hides the first.

Le danger de la manipulation démocratique
It is a safe bet that after a few years, with skilled lawyers and infinite procedural maneuvers, all this will end in a no-nonsense or trivial punishment. And will not stop him, if he wants, to resume an active political life. His comrades, Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy can testify …
The prisons of France would be empty if all the thieves of chickens were defended with the same fury and by the same lawyers …

Better an injustice than a disorder, said Goethe. This is also what Roland Dumas, president of the Conseil constitutionnel, responsible for enforcing the laws of the Republic, thought. Roland Dumas is convinced of having saved the Republic by having validated the accounts of presidential campaign, obviously irregular, of Jacques Chirac and Edouard Balladur. Nobody was outraged.
Anyway how important?
When the National Campaign Accounts Committee invalidates those of a candidate, this does not prevent it from running for the next presidential election!
When a candidate can come forward and reach the second round of the presidential election without going to the summons of justice for fictitious employment offenses, not for the benefit of members of her family this time but members of her politic organization. Beaten in the presidential election, will she answer, at the convocation of the judges?
Philippe Poutou, ill-bred, pointed out that equality before the law …
Two professions thrive in this republic pollsters and commentators of polls and lawyers.

The ecological issue was clearly addressed during the first round, by candidates who claimed ecology, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoît Hamon, who collected more than 25% of the votes. All the others felt obliged to color their program in a discreet green. But ecology, a central question, is only the survival of mankind, magnified by the Paris conference, regularly recalled by the global warming surveys, and ecology is not sums up that, was completely absent from the second round.

Throughout the year, governments, right and left, take many unpleasant measures that they refuse to assume before the citizens. They prefer to hide behind it is the fault of Europe, it is a European constraint. Forgetting to say that they have accepted or voted in the European Union, the Council or the European Parliament.
The issue of the European Union was addressed by all the candidates. And its operation and policy have been challenged by almost all. On the right, not only the sovereignist and nationalist right. And by the left, which questions its undemocratic functioning and its social orientations.
Between the two rouds, Jean-Claude Juncker and the Commission did not hesitate to give a boost to Emmanuel Macron by announcing new social orientations …

Emmanuel Macron was not elected for his economic and social proposals, his ecological program, his positions in favor of the European Union. He obtained only 24% of the votes in the first round, despite a massive media and poll campaign already focused on the useful vote. And the useful vote, taken again in the second round, was summarized in all-except-Marine-Le-Pen, hammered by polls, always interpreted in an alarmist way, by commentators, journalists, intellectuals … With the aid of the electoral system.
The whole national and european oligarchy, and even beyond, sang the praises of this young candidate and this France finally much more favorable to the European Union … With the congratulations of Angela Merkel on Sunday and the recall of The need to stay in the nails on Monday …

The mechanisms worked perfectly … The voters, once again, were fooled.

Le danger de la manipulation démocratique
We must not believe that citizens are not interested in politics. Television audiences at election time have an enviable audience, comparable to those of major sporting events. The increase in the number of abstentions from one round to the next, the importance of white and null votes, shows that citizens want to participate even when they feel caught in a trap.

Among the few clear commitments of the candidate Emmanuel Macron, there is the intention to develop the labor law and to have it adopted by ordinances, possibly by using the 49.3.
For this, however, there must be some acceptance by the National Assembly. That is to say now the importance of the legislative elections. Emmanuel Macron should benefit from the renewed dynamics of support. Perhaps he will make some announcement in order to obtain a majority which will allow him to pass on what is close to his heart.

Le danger de la manipulation démocratique
As long as the democratic and electoral path seems open, political parties can channel demands and maintain hope in evolution and change. When these parties fail and are no longer bearers, even in an illusory way of hope, when everything is perfectly locked, how can we be surprised that some choose inertia and others revolt and violence?

Emmanuel Macron should remember it at the risk of the austéritaire, austerity and authority. François Hollande left the instruments in place.

Le danger de la manipulation démocratique