Macron : An ambition without limits but not without consequences

Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences

Since the denied turn of 1983, France has entered a long sequence, champ-contrechamp, right-left, and drawn into a spiral of continuous social regression following the triumphant liberalism of Margaret Thatcher breaking the unions of miners and Ronald Reagan that of the air traffic controllers. Relayed in Germany by the social democrat Gerhard Schröder and the work-study association SPD and CDU-CSU (social democracy and Christian democracy). The other countries of the European Union have gradually aligned themselves with mighty Germany.
The big parties in France, whatever their name, have only followed the same path.

This long period TINA (There is no alternative) is not without serious consequences: increased inequality, social and political regression with disintegration of government parties and rise of right-wing and far-right populism. All accompanied by small indignant jumps of moderate democrats who, after each electoral defeat, hasten to affirm that, the worst not having happened, everything was fine, that politics, the only possible, was the right one, that ‘It was only necessary to continue it and even to accentuate it.

Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences

Right-wing and far-right populism in the European Parliament has not yet reached the level of blocking like in the Council, with the necessary unanimity in certain decisions, but the PES-EPP duo have lost the absolute majority.

All this and even the long and painful Brexit, the first exit from a country of the European Union, does not change anything to the blissful optimism: these British islanders voted for an irresponsible clown like the uncultivated Americans for a rude and ignorant character …

Fortunately, this is not the case in France where a centrist white angel, neither left nor right, who, by his youth, his dynamism, his interpersonal skills, his financial support, appeared to avoid the worst essential and transform the old country into a young growth: modern, computerized, profitable on the condition of eliminating the refractory Gauls, the illiterate and others less than nothing …

But the new world resembles, in certain aspects, the old world: since spring 2017, 16 ministers have resigned, including only one for political reasons and at least 8 forced for problems which have nothing glorious! We are far, however, from Nicolas Sarkozy and his large directory of lawyers.

To be satisfied with sarcasm on this renewed old world or to make the list of arrogant, contemptuous words of the young first would be a serious error. This should only make it clear that Emmanuel Macron is hardly embarrassed by his scruples or his compassion. Simply forced, again and again, to explain what he is the only one to understand.

The young Macron is dangerous by an unlimited ambition, linked to the new great forces of international liberal capitalism (the relations between Emmanuel Macron and the men of Blackrock displayed in broad daylight are the example of the moment). Using and serving to achieve his ends the international financial forces and political and police resources of the State whatever the obstacles.

He was elected in the face of politicians who, from the left or the right, have pursued the same policy since François Mitterrand and raised the far right by their conversion to European liberalism. Above all, he was elected, not for his program but against the far right, by a large majority of voters in the second round. Majority which allowed Jacques Chirac to do nothing and which allows Emmanuel Macron to do what he wants, despite the late scruples of some elected officials who were not very perceptive disappointed by this or that aspect of a rightist policy, however coherent.

An ambition driven at full speed, at least in its first part: reforming France, taking the lead in a liberal Europe and playing in the top three, United States, China, Europe, in other words, Emmanuel Macron, what whatever the price…. for the French and Europeans. And for the future of the planet because reforms cannot affect the interests of those who rule the world.

To do this, he must first change France and the French: align economic and financial policy with that of Germany. This presupposes that the policy begun by its predecessors should be carried out smoothly: compliance with the Maastricht criteria, that is, breaking all popular resistance, yellow vests or unions, in particular the CGT. At the same time, if it was possible to also break the CFDT which, on several occasions, give its hand …
He showed his willingness to speak directly to the people and his contempt for the intermediary bodies, characteristic of populists. And a more and more limping ni-left-nor-right with the use of immigration or the most violent police repression since the war in Algeria.

Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences
Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences

To comply with the Maastricht criteria, his financial policy made him the president of the wealthy: transformation of the ISF into an IFI, to direct the money supply towards the financing of businesses (French?) And above all much more lucrative speculation (in 2019 , the soaring stock markets contrast with the diminished growth of the world economy) and the maintenance of the tax on real estate (no need for investments in housing?) much less easy to use, reduction of social contributions decreasing the revenue, opening up interesting prospects for pension or investment funds (Blackrock, evening visitor to Macron), privatization of Paris Airport after the great success of that of Toulouse-Blagnac airport… Of course to the detriment of the poor people through the destruction of solidarity from the end of the PLA to organized austerity with the reduction of jobs, the disappearance of public services … and pension reform.

Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences

With the hope of becoming the good pupil of the European Union at a very favorable time: Brexit, weakening, perhaps unsustainable, of Germany: Angela Merkel’s imminent departure, absence of a clear majority, aging of the population, economic difficulties … A favorable moment also to make the European Union a true liberal power.

To have his hands even freer on the international scene, Emmanuel Macron tries to detach France from an overly visible imperialist past or, at least to detach its image from: since the denunciation of the crime against humanity in Algeria, past almost unnoticed and yet inadmissible for a candidate for the presidency of the Republic if it is not followed, upon coming to power, of an important initiative for a great reconciliation … until the disappearance of the CFA in Africa, a sign of the subjugation of the former African colonies, replaced by the Eco with some ulterior motives on a renunciation-substitution…

Having greatly weakened the intermediary bodies, the unions in particular, having satisfied its national and international financial support, apparently rid of a bulky past, Jupiter would then be free to represent itself under the same conditions as in 2017 with the same result and to to project at the head of a liberal Europe perfectly suited to the interests of large multinationals.

Multinationals which are already shaping the new world with financial means superior to those of many States, technical means of influence more and more effective on the individual and collective decisions!

With this in mind, the old, perfected means that their yellow vests have experimented with on their injured bodies are perhaps only an anecdote but are above all a warning for all those who would like to oppose this new world by market.

It is not certain that the people, here as elsewhere, accept this future that is being prepared for them, this planned crushing. Increasing inequalities, between and within countries, jeopardizes relative democracy, as known until now, and cares little, beyond declarations, about the viability of the planet.

Une ambition sans limites mais pas sans conséquences


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